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Scorpion Biological Services is an integrated contract research, and contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused on cell- and gene-based therapies and large molecule biologics. We will offer commercial-scale biomanufacturing in the coming years from our newly announced site in Manhattan, Kansas. We currently provide a broad array of clinical-scale biomanufacturing, analytical and R&D services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies from our San Antonio, Texas  facilities. Scorpion is proud to focus on offering services using American equipment, reagents, and materials.

Commercial Manufacturing

With a 144,000L cGMP capacity using an American-focused supply chain, Scorpion’s 500,000 sq. ft. commercial manufacturing facility in Manhattan, Kansas will be your top choice to deliver clinical products to market.

Biomanufacturing Services

Scorpion offers leading expertise for biologics manufacturing services, with all work carried out in Texas and focused on utilizing American-made equipment and reagents.

Pre-clinical & Product Development Support

We offer in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide range of studies in pre-clinical product development and IND-enabling programs.

Clinical Trials Support

Our optimal combination of scientific, operational, and clinical experience supports comprehensive laboratory services for all phases of clinical trials.

CMC Analytical Support

Scorpion is your contract bioanalytical services partner for reliable turnaround of regulatory-compliant batch release testing to a consistently high standard.

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Cell-Based Assays

We can validate custom cell-based assays in line with regulatory guidelines to develop what you need from categories including cell proliferation, cell death, cell signaling and reporter death.


Immunoassays are well suited to characterization of selected drug candidates or analysis during product optimization due to their sensitive, reproducible, high-throughput qualities.

Molecular Assays: qPCR

Our scientific team offers a depth of expertise in the development, optimization and validation of complex molecular assays using conventional and qPCR.

Bioanalytical Methods

Scorpion supports clients in all phases of drug development with bioanalytical techniques, including HPLC characterization, Biacore™ biomolecules interaction analysis, and fluorescent microscopy.

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

Explore the instrumentation and equipment technology that can power your project forward.

Process Development
Mammalian Cell Culture Development

Our cell culture process development spans all phases from small-scale preclinical evaluation to commercial-scale processes.

Process Development
Cell Therapy Development

Scorpion has extensive experience in the isolation of cells from a variety of tissue sources, as well as development of expansion and cell recovery processes.

Process Development
Microbial Fermentation Development

Scorpion offers development of recombinant E. coli fermentation processes for optimal expression of a range of different proteins, enzymes, toxins, and plasmid DNA.

Process Development
Downstream Purification

Scorpion offers experience in development of recovery and purification processes for a wide variety of proteins, enzymes, immunotoxins, monoclonal antibodies, and exosome products.

Process Development
Formulation Development

Scorpion offers expertise in this critical aspect of biopharmaceutical development programs, ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of drugs products.

Analytical Methods Development

Scorpion offers a wide range of analytical testing services with a phase-appropriate approach to method development, qualification, and validation.

Mammalian Cell Culture

Scorpion’s new biologics manufacturing facility features nine cleanrooms for mammalian cell culture and harvest, downstream purification, formulation, and fill-finish.

Microbial Fermentation

A portion of our new biomanufacturing facility is dedicated to recombinant microbial protein and plasmid DNA production.


Clinical-Scale Biomanufacturing Facility

Scorpion is currently constructing a new clinical scale biologics manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas, scheduled to be operational in August 2022.

Manufacturing Facilities
~2,000 sq. ft.
of analytical development space
~8,000 sq. ft.
of cGMP-compliant cleanroom manufacturing space
up to 2,000 L
scale for mammalian and cell-therapy based products capabilities
100 L
scale for microbial-based products capabilities


Scorpion Biological Services is a fast-growing contract research and clinical biomanufacturing business in San Antonio, Texas and commercial manufacturing in Manhattan, Kansas, and we are looking to grow our talented team. If this sounds of interest to you, make the jump to our careers page.

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Scorpion is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, in the heart of a rapidly growing hub for biotechnology and life sciences. With strong investment in science in the region, and a thriving community among biotechs, biopharmaceutical companies and the biodefense sector, Scorpion is building on its roots as a team that has developed monoclonal antibodies and fusion protein-based biologics to be a technologically advanced CRO and CDMO serving this community and clients across the country and beyond. Reach out to us today. You’ll get a warm welcome in Texas.

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