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Scorpion offers options in the pathways you can take with manufacturing for your project, depending on commercial interest in the drug candidate. The best match for your project may be Scorpion’s own contract manufacturing, or strategic alliances we have with partner organizations for commercialization.

Equity Alliance

Scorpion can also assist with introductions to a third-party partnering organization that may have interest in obtaining a partial equity stake in your biologic. These companies may assist with further development and manufacturing processes. Formulation, manufacturing and other processes will be contracted with Scorpion, but may be partially or wholly funded by the third-party partner. This option may be of interest to clients with drug candidates that require additional financial and scientific assistance to get to the clinic.

Milestone Alliance

Scorpion helps with introductions to external partnering organizations that provide a combination of upfront payment for your drug candidate (made immediately), and development/regulatory milestone payments that are paid once a stage is reached (e.g. completing toxicology testing, regulatory filings, etc.). Royalty payments are made once the product is commercialized.

In-Licensing Alliance

Scorpion also introduces external partnering organizations that pay to license your drug candidate into their portfolio for development, in exchange for exclusive rights to the drug.

Navigating the Options

Scorpion’s partnering team helps you navigate these various alliance options for manufacturing your biologic drug. For additional information, connect with our partnering team using the form below: