About Us

Commitment to American-Made

Scorpion Biological Services is a U.S. company that provides integrated CRO and CDMO services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies from facilities in San Antonio, Texas. We are not only based in the U.S., we are proud to focus on offering services that prioritize American-made and sourced equipment, reagents and materials. Our commitment includes:

Texas Facility Location

Scorpion’s facilities are in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. We take great pride in the renovations we’ve made to the historic Merchants Ice building, converting it into a state-of-the-art biomanufacturing and bioanalysis facility.


Scorpion strives to use American-manufactured equipment and materials to reduce reliance on other economies. Our Pall Allegro™ stirred-tank bioreactors and single-use consumables are prime examples of this commitment.

Reagents & Materials

Whenever possible, our procurement team sources reagents from American suppliers. This ranges from the consumables for biomanufacturing to the antibodies used to develop a flow-cytometry panel for bioanalysis.

Veterans in Senior Management

Scorpion is very proud of the military veterans in our senior management team. Their dedication to serving our nation and extensive leadership skills are an asset we value and add extensive value to our organization.