Discovery Research and Product Development Services

Scorpion is an innovation-driven contract research, development and manufacturing organization offering clients a customized, integrated, end-to-end solution for their large molecule discovery research, process and analytical methods development, cGMP manufacturing and product characterization, and QC release testing needs. Our approach enables us to forge collaborative client relationships that move beyond the traditional service outsourcing model into full product development collaborations.

Our discovery team engages in cutting-edge research with expertise in cell biology, molecular biology, protein engineering, antibody discovery, protein expression, computational analysis and more. Scorpion’s discovery services are enhanced by bioinformatics capabilities that enable faster, more efficient target identification and validation.

In addition, Scorpion has a powerful and multifaceted platform for development of next generation precision therapeutics, based on its exceptional ability to dissect, identify, and define the essential pharmacological domains of any protein-protein interaction. In so doing, Scorpion can validate known and unknown targets and generate novel drug candidates.

Scorpion’s Discovery Capabilities

Molecular Biology

  • Phage display identification of peptide/antibody-based agonists or antagonists for any target
  • DNA sequencing and analysis
  • cDNA library construction
  • Gene cloning/subcloning
  • PCR, RT-qPCR
  • Vector optimization

Protein Expression Systems

  • Mammalian expression in HEK293, 3T3 and CHO cell lines
  • Bacterial expression in E. coli

Bench-Scale Protein Purification

  • Protein purification using epitope tags and affinity chromatography (e.g., 6XHis, Myc, Protein A, Protein G, Protein A/G)
  • SDS-PAGE and Western analysis

Protein Engineering

  • DNA-based optimization of peptides, proteins, and antibodies
  • Identification of protein-based agonists and antagonists
  • Protein design/directed evolution
  • Epitope mapping

Computational Analysis

  • Identification of target pathways
  • Target prioritization and ranking
  • Target validation
  • Predictive protein-protein interactions

Cell Biology

  • Tissue culture
  • Development of stable, gene-expressing cell lines
  • Development of functional cell-based assays
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Flow cytometry